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Absolut’s “Dark Noir”

  A co-created animated short film by Rafael Grampá and Facebook fans worldwide for Absolut. The challenge asked fans around the world to contribute to the film during a live interactive three week… Continue reading

Best Advertising: Scroll or Drown

Guy Cotten, a marine clothing and safety equipment brand, partnered with CLM BBDO for “Sortie en Mer.” An interactive video that tells the story of a beautiful day on a yacht that turns… Continue reading

Tweet #HMLookNbook to Defrost Glass

  H&M partnered with Swedish advertising agency JCDecaux to create this unique OOH display. Inside the display, behind frosted glass, is an H&M item from their new specialty collection. Passersby are asked to… Continue reading

140 Character Film Contest Idea Stolen from Film Festival

McDonald’s Canada pushed out this digital campaign on their social media sites earlier this year. Twitter users were asked to submit 140 character skit ideas using McDonald’s video characters (based on menu items,… Continue reading

Horror + Advertising: Interactive Chuck Board

Try out this interactive “Chuck Board” which makes your computer screen a window to the other world. Ask it a question, use your finger as a planchette and watch as the answer is… Continue reading

Science Fiction + Advertising: The Gentleman’s League Configurator

  The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) is helping young men get back into the party spirit post-holiday season with a nifty steampunk-esque party planning contraption. Browse The Gentlemen’s League Configurator at… Continue reading

Horror + Advertising: Bacardi Ghost Shutter Exorcist

Bacardi is challenging you to photograph ghosts in this new interactive game. Use your cell phone or tablet to look around your surroundings (with the help of augmented reality). When you spot a… Continue reading

The World’s Most Interactive Print Ad

Introducing the new Lexus 2013 ES print ad, the world’s most interactive print ad (according to me). Using an iPad, this magazine print ad comes to life with music, lights, and product highlights.

DISFORM Live Action Signage

Typography brought to life by Dani Wolf for the DISFORM alternative music festival. Found on Vimeo.

Horror + Advertising: Hself Namuh

An invitation to the members of the Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest. A small, horror film festival taking place outside Stockholm, Sweden. The theme of the festival was cannibal films. The invitation was a… Continue reading