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Absolut’s “Dark Noir”

  A co-created animated short film by Rafael Grampá and Facebook fans worldwide for Absolut. The challenge asked fans around the world to contribute to the film during a live interactive three week… Continue reading

WTF + Advertising: Aggressive Fingers

  Nando’s, a restaurant chain in the UK, created these #WingRoulette ads to highlight their mix flavored wings. I say they hit weird, cheeky, and odd. Who knew finger people had such a… Continue reading

Best Commercials of World Cup 2014

Behold, the best World Cup ads of 2014. Can anyone believe Shakira’s video is the most watched? Of course you can. Shakira – “La La La” 128,809,379 views Nike: Winner Stays 79,028,394 views… Continue reading

Horror + Advertising: Dead Island 2

No, this is not an ad for Adidas or skin cream for men. Released at E3 just yesterday, this is an ad. I won’t spoil it for you, click through the video below and… Continue reading

Best Advertising: Nike World Cup Animated Short

Nike out-Niked themselves with this 5 minute animated World Cup short film. In the past 2 months gearing up for the World Cup, Nike released Winner Stays, which at the time of this posting has… Continue reading

WTF + Advertising: Stomach-Bursting Animals

Jack Link’s returns to commercials with “HANGRY Moments” that feature a savage beast bursting through the stomachs of hungry average people only to be subdued with beef jerky. Makes sense.  

A Terrifying First Aid Commercial // Break the Barrier

Every single person who watched this video instantly regretted not having first aid training. Time to sign up. I say the ad provoked the right emotions. Albeit, in a terrifying, stomach-turning reality kinda… Continue reading

Best Advertising: #BUYMYVOLVO

Swedish motion graphics designer Christoffer Castor created this homemade ad to sell his used 1993 Volvo 240. The intent: “To make a like a dramatic movie trailer ad … and we want to… Continue reading

Sci-Fi + Advertising: Cyberpunk Irish Beer

Created in the 1990’s, this one minute short film “Last Orders” doubles as a cyberpunk anime and a commercial for Murphy’s Irish Stout. A British ad agency approached the anime studio I.G. Production… Continue reading

WTF + Advertising: Marionettes

DirecTV’s new “Wireless” spot gives me the heebie jeebies while also selling their new wire-free box. Check out the video below and see if you like your commercial characters lifeless, flailing, and sweet.… Continue reading