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Happy Monday

Luigi Death Stare


The Weinstein Company is creating a live-action movie depicting the popular book series Paddington. It’s going to be released around Christmas time and everything is full of happy, adorable blue coats for bears,… Continue reading

Horror + Advertising: Dead Island 2

No, this is not an ad for Adidas or skin cream for men. Released at E3 just yesterday, this isĀ an ad. I won’t spoil it for you, click through the video below and… Continue reading

64-Foot Tall Interactive Pinterest Board

Brooklyn based Caribou Coffee launches a new blend inspired by followers on Pinterest with a 64 foot tall interactive Pinterest board in the Mall of America. The new blend is titled “Real Inspiration”… Continue reading

What if Instagram was invented in the 80’s?

What if Instagram was made in the 80’s? SquirrelMonkeyCom on YouTube envisions staples of modern day social media in decades past to create kitschy and laughable videos. I lol’d when it said “several… Continue reading

How the Internet Works

The Hauntingly Beautiful LIMBO

Moody and atmospheric, Limbo is a highly-awarded app strategy game designed to be dark, brooding, and gruesome. The art direction is hauntingly beautiful with a chilly soundtrack to add dimension to the foggy… Continue reading

The World’s Most Interactive Print Ad

Introducing the new Lexus 2013 ES print ad, the world’s most interactive print ad (according to me). Using an iPad, this magazine print ad comes to life with music, lights, and product highlights.

Online Now, Short Film about Social Interaction

Online Now A short film about today’s social interactions with the advent of mobile/social technology.

3D Hologram iPhone Concept

It will be a long while before we are able to view videos and play games in the third dimension on our mobile devices, but this adorable little video makes me wish technology… Continue reading