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Happy Monday

Luigi Death Stare

Horror + Advertising: Dead Island 2

No, this is not an ad for Adidas or skin cream for men. Released at E3 just yesterday, this isĀ an ad. I won’t spoil it for you, click through the video below and… Continue reading

The Hauntingly Beautiful LIMBO

Moody and atmospheric, Limbo is a highly-awarded app strategy game designed to be dark, brooding, and gruesome. The art direction is hauntingly beautiful with a chilly soundtrack to add dimension to the foggy… Continue reading

Dyad: A Mind Trip without the Drugs

Dyad is a downloadable game for the PS3. It’s a speeding squid avatar that shoots down a colorful tunnel which, to me, seems like Rainbow Road on acid. The game play is simple:… Continue reading

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the “Game of the Year”

It’s official, Skyrim is the Game Developers Choice Awards “Game of the Year” for 2011. It fought off strong competitors such as Batman: Arkham City and Portal 2 to pull ahead as winner.… Continue reading

Lollipop Chainsaw Movie Adaptation

Lollipop Chainsaw A scantily-clad high school cheerleader totes around her boyfriend’s head (still alive), while rrrrrrripping into zombies with a chainsaw. Warner Bros considers this a good enough plot to throw money at.… Continue reading

PlayStation Vita Augmented Reality Games

An amazing leap in augmented reality gaming is now available on the brand new PlayStation Vita. To bring you up to speed on the specs and excitement surrounding the PlayStation Vita, refer to… Continue reading

PlayStation Vita, So Hardcore

(image via) PlayStation Vita (the PSP’s tech geeky little brother) was first released on Japan on December 17th. Since it’s release it sold 321,400 units in the device’s first two days, and has… Continue reading