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“Bless you.”

This awesomely animated short film “Bless You” comes from David Barlow-Krelina. A typical grungy subway ride turned epic in one man’s wild ride through … a sneeze. Be prepared for uncoiling brain noodles,… Continue reading


The Weinstein Company is creating a live-action movie depicting the popular book series Paddington. It’s going to be released around Christmas time and everything is full of happy, adorable blue coats for bears,… Continue reading

WTF + Advertising: Stomach-Bursting Animals

Jack Link’s returns to commercials with “HANGRY Moments” that feature a savage beast bursting through the stomachs of hungry average people only to be subdued with beef jerky. Makes sense.  

WTF + Advertising: Marionettes

DirecTV’s new “Wireless” spot gives me the heebie jeebies while also selling their new wire-free box. Check out the video below and see if you like your commercial characters lifeless, flailing, and sweet.… Continue reading

Happy Monday

Hilarious Renaissance Gifs by James Kerr

James Kerr, under the pseudonym Scorpion Dagger, has created digital collages from Renaissance paintings and turned them into amusing little gifs. ¬†After a few hours of meticulous cutting and moving paintings a hilarious… Continue reading

WTF + Advertising: Emoticons

Terrified by these emoticon faces? Child predators online are just as terrifying. French agency Rosapark designed these print ads for a French child advocacy group Innocence en Danger. The headlines read “Who’s really… Continue reading

Horror + Advertising: Evil Dead Nikes

Nike made a pair of Evil Dead kicks to promote the 2013 remake of Sam Raimi’s campy 1981 horror film. These Nike Air Foampost Pro were created by Revive Customs¬†just in time for… Continue reading

WTF + Advertising: Old Spice Mom Song

New Old Spice Refresh Body Spray may cause boys to become men, girls to become girlfriends, and moms to become sad and creepy.

Father Helps Color His Kid’s Drawings

This is why they told you to color in the lines. Redditor and father, Tasputin, posted his kid’s drawings which he helped to color.