Found on Pinterest #35

Murderous TSUME

  A group of animation students created this animated horror short film. A delectably murderous short film about a girl who is frightened by a classmate’s appearance and throws her in front of… Continue reading

Found on Pinterest #34

“Bless you.”

This awesomely animated short film “Bless You” comes from David Barlow-Krelina. A typical grungy subway ride turned epic in one man’s wild ride through … a sneeze. Be prepared for uncoiling brain noodles,… Continue reading

Found on Pinterest #33

Typography: Encanto

Pluto and the Vessel

  Pluto and the Vessel is a stunning, horror short film. Created by Harrison Browning, this 7 minute short will raise the hairs on the back of your neck and deliver a frighteningly… Continue reading

WTF + Advertising: Aggressive Fingers

  Nando’s, a restaurant chain in the UK, created these #WingRoulette ads to highlight their mix flavored wings. I say they hit weird, cheeky, and odd. Who knew finger people had such a… Continue reading

Happy Monday

Luigi Death Stare

Found on Pinterest #32