Best Commercials of World Cup 2014

Behold, the best World Cup ads of 2014. Can anyone believe Shakira’s video is the most watched? Of course you can. Shakira – “La La La” 128,809,379 views Nike: Winner Stays 79,028,394 views… Continue reading

Typography: Alone with Everybody


The Weinstein Company is creating a live-action movie depicting the popular book series Paddington. It’s going to be released around Christmas time and everything is full of happy, adorable blue coats for bears,… Continue reading

Horror + Advertising: Dead Island 2

No, this is not an ad for Adidas or skin cream for men. Released at E3 just yesterday, this is an ad. I won’t spoil it for you, click through the video below and… Continue reading

Best Advertising: Nike World Cup Animated Short

Nike out-Niked themselves with this 5 minute animated World Cup short film. In the past 2 months gearing up for the World Cup, Nike released Winner Stays, which at the time of this posting has… Continue reading

Happy Monday

Why the Yellow Brick Road doesn’t run through Gotham.

Found on Pinterest #31

WTF + Advertising: Stomach-Bursting Animals

Jack Link’s returns to commercials with “HANGRY Moments” that feature a savage beast bursting through the stomachs of hungry average people only to be subdued with beef jerky. Makes sense.  

Typography: 80’s Neon and Metal

Aug(De)mented Reality // Attack of the Doodles

Using only a sheet of plastic, markers, and his iPhone 5 street artist, Hombre_mcsteez, created this little gem. A boring reality merged with a wacky cartoon universe.