Where the Google Heads Play

Google has more than revolutionized our way of acquiring new information, Google is fun. Seriously. We include in various forms of our own entertainment. It transcended time and entered icon status when the… Continue reading

The Man Who Lived in a Film

Product Placement, you’re doing it right. Advertising Agency: Try/Apt, Norway Copywriter: Lars Joachim Grimstad Art Director: Egil Pay Account director: Lars Mitlid Account manager: Marte Heiersted Director: Joachim Trier Production Company: One Big… Continue reading

After Your Final Status Update

What happens to your social media after you die? Social media sites are currently grappling with the conundrum of postmortem profiles. During a TED Talk titled “After Your Final Status Update,” editor-in-chief of… Continue reading


Ever wondered what Flickr would look like in person? Dutch artist Erik Kessels has created an installation of printed out Flickr photos uploaded from one 24-hour period. We as a society share millions… Continue reading

Social Reading

“Social reading” is not a new concept, it has been prevalent since the creation of written word. However, with the advent of new social mediums and technological advances, social reading is changing …… Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises Viral Campaign

During the 2007 Comic Con, The Dark Knight created a wild scavenger hunt for avid fans to unlock secrets to the upcoming Dark Knight film. Followers were given cell phones to call numbers,… Continue reading

QR Coded Danger

QR Codes seem harmless with their black squares and white space, however, those strategically aligned black boxes form a more sinister pattern than the unsuspecting image-snapper might think. These pesky little codes sprouted… Continue reading