Horror + Advertising: Space Channel

  From horror to football Extreme Emotion Advertising Agency: Santa Clara, Sao Paulo, BrazilCreatives: Fernando Campos, Felipe Cury, Felipe RibeiroArt Directors / Illustrators: Felipe Cury, Diego Limberti, Henrique Folster, Patricia Oliveira, Ian Sutter, Paulo Eugênio MouraCopywriter: Felipe RibeiroPublished: April 2014

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Science Fiction + Advertising: Kia’s Little Monster

    If there’s a strange noise in the back of your Kia, it’s because there’s something strange in the back of your Kia making a noise. Advertising Agency: Innocean Worldwide, UKCreative Directors: Andy Wyton, Chris… Continue reading

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Artist Spotlight: AdrianDadich

Artist AdrianDadich creates shiny, sexy, cyberpunk, fashion-forward, futuristic characters. Browse their gallery and toss yourself into a rad robo-punk future.    

Sci-Fi + Advertising: Cyberpunk Irish Beer

Created in the 1990’s, this one minute short film “Last Orders” doubles as a cyberpunk anime and a commercial for Murphy’s Irish Stout. A British ad agency approached the anime studio I.G. Production… Continue reading

Typography: Cookies

WTF + Advertising: Marionettes

DirecTV’s new “Wireless” spot gives me the heebie jeebies while also selling their new wire-free box. Check out the video below and see if you like your commercial characters lifeless, flailing, and sweet.… Continue reading

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